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Summer Concert – Check

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This past Sunday we were able to check off one of our items on our summer checklist. Great way to start off the summer! We went to the Florida Georgia Line and Nelly concert! It was pretty awesome!

We tailgated before the concert. We enjoyed hotdogs, Fritos, corn hole and a kiddie pool filled with cool water. That pool saved us from the summer heat! (Good thinking Althea!)

Randy was excited to use his car camping gear. He is so adorkable!

randy cooking

We got to use our awesome new cooler for the first time!


And we got to reuse the red baskets from Randy’s birthday party. I’ll use any excuse to use them! I just love them!



Nelly came on first. I was super excited to see him in concert. I remember dancing to his music at all my middle/high school sock-hops (yes, our dances were called sock-hops where I grew up)!


Then, Florida Georgia Line came on. Oh my goodness! The sound was amazing! It was an excellent concert!


We had a wonderful time – good food, good music and great friends!

group flg

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