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So today it DID NOT RAIN!!! Woo Hoo! So we went hiking! Finally! We went to Bear Wallow Mountain; which comes to find out; is at our doorstep. We have lived in our house for 2 years and did not realize that this trail was two minutes away! It is very short, but the view is pretty great!

Randy&Jama Hiking

Awesome view, right? Love the mountains!

Leading Hiking

Hikin Feet

Tonight we had our very close friends, the Heaters, over for dinner. We had fondue, which we have not done in a long time! It was fun to do again! We use a fondue book from William-Sonoma that we got as a wedding gift. The beer cheese is amazing! We serve it with bread, veggies, apples and sausage.

michael&tesslynWe had lemon squares for dessert prepared by this cutie! Well, she added the powder sugar on top. (see how there is about 2 inches of sugar on top!) Isn’t she adorable?!

tesslyn&cakeLove these guys!


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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