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Gender Reveal

The day we have been waiting for, for 20 long weeks! The big gender reveal! Actually, I believe I have been waiting for this day for years! Ever since I saw gender reveals on Pinterest about 2 years ago, I knew that I wanted to have a gender reveal. It is such a fun time and I really wanted to share the moment with our loved ones.

We had our ultra sound 3 days before the big reveal… Three. Long. Days. To guarantee that Randy and I would both be surprised for our gender reveal party, we literally locked up the results in a lock box. Yeah, we are that bad! We were both so excited that we probably would have cheated and peeked before the party.


We had a science theme gender reveal party – perfect for our nerdy selves! The day was filled with periodic tables, college physics books and bubbly, foggy beakers! And not to mention fun pink and blue food!



I knew that our old college books would come in handy some day! 😉



Atom cupcakes


And bubbly, foggy pink and blue drinks!


We had a place were everyone could cast their votes. Later we drew names and the winner received a gift card to sweet frog to make their own potion.

And for the big reveal we had a reveal laboratory. If you look closely, the reveal laboratory banner has the estimated due date.


And I loved how some dressed up for the part.

My brother really got into the nerdy scientist role. 🙂

Preparing the experiment/reveal.

Mixing up the concoction. And waiting for the results.

We used a fizz ball that turns the water either pink or blue. When you order one of these, you receive two fizz balls, one for pink and one for blue. Our friend took the results into another room and brought us the correct fizz ball for the reveal. 

And it turned pink!

It’s a girl!

I love how these picture captured our excitement and surprise!

And being the scientists that we are, we had to confirm the results. And yep, it’s a girl! 🙂 Everyone we talked to and all the supposedly pregnancy signs, all pointed to us having a boy. Just goes to show you, every pregnancy is different!

We couldn’t be happier or more excited to add a sweet little girl to our family. She is going to be one spoiled little girl!



Randy and I feel so blessed that at times it feels a little overwhelming. We have so much to be thankful for – this weekend was full of things to be grateful for:

Celebrating family and friends

Learning more about this little Maples that the Lord has blessed us with

The reason for Easter – celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and the love and compassion the Lord has for us all

And the hope that I have – the hope for our growing little family, for our loved ones, but most all, the hope that Jesus has given us.