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Three Months

Happy 3 months little Ada! I know I have already said that time is flying by… but seriously; where is the time going?! I remember thinking that by the time three months had arrived, this whole parenthood thing would be easier. And in a way that is true. We have gotten into a rhythm with Ada, but at the same time, it is still daunting to complete simple tasks that we were able to do before (like cook dinner!).


Ada has grown and changed so much these past 3 months! She smiles, laughs and interacts with her world more than ever. She loves it when we dance around and act all silly around her. She lights up every time Randy walks in the room. She enjoys me holding her and walking around the house to let her look around. And she loves to look at books and is grabbing and holding onto toys now.


Her laugh is probably the greatest sound I have ever heard and I’ll do anything to get her to laugh! She sits up well now, with assistance of course. But she absolutely hates tummy time. She will scream bloody murder until I pick her up. So we have been focusing on sitting up for now. Maybe she will enjoy tummy time later.



Her absolute favorite activity is trying to talk to us. She coos, gurgles, smiles, laughs and makes bubbles all day long. They truly are the sweetest noises and I look forward to our morning conversations every day.


We love you Ada and we couldn’t imagine life without you! Happy 3 months!