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Ten Months

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My little “baby” girl is 10 months old today, only 2 months away from her first birthday! She is growing and changing so fast. Every morning when I go get her out of her crib she looks different – more grown up and less baby. 🙁 She is developing such a sweet, loving, silly personality and I couldn’t be more in love or proud.


Ada weighs 20lbs 4oz, almost 28 inches tall, and in the 78 percentile! I’m pretty sure that she is getting taller by the minute! She can still wear most of her 6-9 month clothing, but only just. I am a little worried that all the 12 month size clothing isn’t going to last all summer long like I hoped. But that is ok, she is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters to me. Now I get to go shopping again, right? 😉


She now has two bottom teeth! Woo hoo! She is not crawling or pulling herself up, but I feel like she is getting so close to it. She will sit on her bottom, place all her weight on her hands, and rock. She is also very good at lifting her self up from a laid back position – working on those abs! 😉 There is this one thing she does that is so weird but adorable at the same time. When she lays on her back, she lifts up her bottom and pinwheels her body around, while her head stays still. It is strange, but so entertaining to watch! 🙂


The cutest thing that Ada has done this month is clapping, dancing, and  singing! Anytime music comes on she moves up and down and claps! Her favorite song right now is, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” When I sing to her, she sings, “La, la, la, la!” It seriously is the cutest, sweetest thing you will ever witness! She also scrunches up her nose when she laughs or when she is trying to be silly. She is such a little goof ball and I love it!


Ada is still eating like a champ. She just tried Cheerios this month and loves them. She also just mastered drinking through a straw sippy cup! When she figured it out, I was so excited! We have been working on it a little bit this month and she picked it up so quickly! #proudmama


Ada has just started showing us affection this past week. She will snuggle with us now, lay her head on our shoulders, and pat our faces. I just melt every time ! I am in trouble with this sweet little one… I’m not entirely sure I will ever be able to tell her no!!! 🙂 Although, she says no and shakes her head often. I think she understands the meaning of the word, “no”, because she shakes her head no when she is finished eating. She is one smart cookie! 😉 Ada’s vocabulary hasn’t really expanded this month. Her favorite words this month are: mama, dada, no, bath, and bus.









Happy 10 months Ada Marie! We love you!

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