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Valentine’s Day


For the 8 years Randy and I have been together, we have not really been into celebrating Valentine’s Day. Nothing against the holiday, just didn’t see the point of it all. If you want to show someone you love them, you don’t need a holiday to do it. But this year is about change for us. This year, we were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This year Randy was going to be out of town on business for Valentine’s Day, in San Francisco. Now let me give you a little back story on why this was such a big deal for me.

My favorite TV shows in high school and college were, “Great Hotels” and “Passport to Europe” with Samantha Brown. I love her! She has always been my idol, in a way. I love her shows so much, that she was my inspiration for my Italy series …”Passport to Italy.” I would love her job… I mean, I could stand in for her every once in while, couldn’t I?


Ok… moving on from my childhood fantasy. I watched her show on “Great Hotels” where she visited San Francisco and just fell in love with the city. It has been on my top ten list of most wanted cities to visit in the US. So this year, I was going to meet Randy in San Francisco, during Valentine’s Day weekend! How romantic is that?

Well, it would have been… if it had not been for the snow storm Pax. That storm cancelled both of my flights and I never made it out to San Francisco. 🙁

I was very, very upset and disappointed. Not only could I not make it out to one of my dream vacation spots, I was snowed in at home, alone. After a glass (or two, or three) of wine, I put on my big girl pants and went to work that Friday (Valentine’s Day).

During my work day, Randy surprised more than once. He was able to get a flight back home early and was going to be arriving late on Valentine’s Day. Yay! And since I couldn’t meet up with him in San Francisco, he sent me flowers at work. Isn’t he the best!?


Later that night I picked Randy up from the airport and we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner – filet mignon, roasted asparagus, roasted ranch potatoes and sauteed mushrooms. And most important, one of our favorite wines, Torii Mor pinot noir. We had our dinner picnic style by the fire. (Be still my hopeless romantic heart!) For dessert I made Randy’s favorite, chocolate lava cake!


We enjoyed this dinner so much, that we decided to have it again the following night! I know, I know! You will find me on the treadmill this week for sure! To change it up a little bit, we sliced the steaks thin and drizzled balsamic vinegar glaze on top… just like in Italy.



We had a three day weekend this weekend, which is the best. Monday we slept in and made a wonderful brunch! Eggs-in-a-blanket, bacon, strawberries, coffee and you can’t have brunch without it, Mimosas!


Our Valentine’s Day was not what we planned, but in the end, turned out fantastic. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter where Randy and I spent our Valentine’s Day, what mattered is that we spent it together. I am grateful to have Randy in my life, without whom, I would be totally lost.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with everything that you love and with all the people you love! I know mine was; great company, great food and great wine…. now it’s time to get on the treadmill! Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Oh no! such a bummer that you couldn’t head to San Francisco. Hopefully you can go again. I went in September (met my husband there on a work trip as well) and HIGHLY recommend. I would definitely go back. It is such an incredible city. I am glad you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. That meal looks delicious 🙂

  2. OK, Jama, I love reading your blog. even though we are miles away, I feel as though I am right there with you. I love you Jama. I am so proud of you. Keep the stories coming……………

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